Sunday, 29 August 2010


I have been in my workwomb nearly all of this bank holiday as I was so behind on preparations for my first craft fair.
My lovely farm boy took the girls out for the afternoon today and yesterday while I cracked on and I am happy to say success!
I managed to design, cut, build and finish my first bag design!
I have decided to call it The Tilley Bag, as that is where is was born! :)

 It has two front panel pockets, as well as two zipper pockets inside those front panel pockets
and another two panel pockets on the back.

It is big enough to hold a laptop, in my laptop snug.
I am feeling pretty chuffed with myself.
Of course there will be tweaks and improvements but for tonight, I am happy with it.

 The Tilley Bag
Modeled by Farm boy

I think the girls enjoyed being out with daddy and the chickens too!

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  1. go you missy looking fab and purple cord!!!!! who wouldn't like it xx


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