About me

Hi there,
My name is Bonnie, welcome to my blog.
I have just started selling my handmade goodies and hope to use this blog to showcase my work as well as promote other designers I like and sites I enjoy using and buying from.
I will endeavor to bring you monthly gifts via competitions and hope to build a relationship online and off with like minded designers and creatives.
I like to work with textiles mostly, but I also spin wool, throw pots and dabble in embroidery.
Currently most items will be available to buy via Folksy and Etsy using PayPal.
If you like what you find, please comment and please follow me. Send me links to your site and I shall do the same for you!

I live in rural Shropshire with my farmer hubby (common) and I am the proud mother of  five year old twin girls.

We have two dogs, an old cat and even older canary as well as six Samara comet  fish and many many honey bee's.
We grow our own veg and breed pigs and sheep. My hubby (Farm boy) is a free range chicken farmer and beekeeper and has taught me almost all I know about rural life.
I make cured hams from our pigs and this year hope to expand into bacon, hams and cured sausages such as choritzo. Yum!
We keep Shropshire sheep and I currently use the wool to hand spin into knitting thread. We plan to use the wool to weave into our own tweed which will then be made into hunting jackets, eventually!

Thank you for visiting my blog, happy rummaging, call back anytime

(The Fat Chick)


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