At the bottom of the garden...
I work from home in a converted shed in my garden.
I call it the workwomb.
It is my place to nurture my creativity, to be whole, relaxed and free!
I love looking at other people's work spaces, so here's some photo's for you to enjoy.
The first few show the progress of the transformation of the chicken shed (before the doors where in) into the womb. I should point out that the womb is no longer this tidy!

This is my winter coat in progress, more to follow on that subject in the diary :)


  1. OOh I think you are a genious! Your workwomb looks really cozy.

  2. the work womb has evolved i love it such a good space go you xx

  3. Wow, I would love a workwomb like that...Gorgeous :)

  4. Lucky you to have a whole workspace all to yourself!! I have a corner of the living room, LOL!! Jane xx

  5. lovely space, I have a room but fancy a garden studio so I can seperate myself from home/work as I am struggling with this.



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