Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Flash the stash #2

I am currently making bags in the blue spectrum, so using denim's, purples, corduroy, floral's etc, so have been manically (is there any other way!) ordering from ebay.
Ages ago I bought some fabric billed as black calico. I bought lots because it was cheap, turns out it isn't calico at all but some lovely luxurious twill/brushed cotton stuff that I have never found since :(
However, I now know its not calico, drill cotton or poly-cotton!
I would put a photo up, but as its black its hard to see the texture.
I think I will take it to my local fabric shop and hope the voices of experience have more of a clue!
Anyway, here's a photo of my mostly boring/muted  new stash, but a stash none the less!

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