Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What a shambles!

Dear me! My first attempt at free motion is a shambles!
I sat with Christina's instructions on my laptop next to my sewing machine.
I did all the cleaning suggested.
I lowered the dogs, put my stitch to 0, put my tension to 5, snapped on my gloves and it went down hill from there!
What a shambles!

Was it because my tension was to low? Maybe
Was it because I hadn't put a new needle in? Maybe
Was it because I was sewing to fast? Maybe
Was it because I was sewing to slow? maybe
Was it because I was using up all the end bits of my bobbins? maybe
Was it because I had my needle position at 4 and not 0? Maybe

I fiddled, I diddled I swore and I sighed.
I had to walk away, have lunch, watch project runway and come back.

 I changed my darning foot
I changed my needle
I put a full bobbin on
I put the speed up
I started to win!

Its fun when it works :)
Sorry about the blurry photos!


  1. Great learning curve! I kinda like the sunburst effect of your early trials. Can't wait to see the finished piece! :)

  2. I loved it you know, the trying, was nice to feel challenged, and it is brimming with endless possibilities too! Go you for marching on and winning !!! xx

  3. dang i think i lost my comment = ( boooo


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