Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Havesting the land

We have had mixed success this year in the garden.
Our chard went well, a bit too well, we were over run, as with lettuces.
The chillies were also a mixed affair, and the peppers never amounted to much either.

We did ok on Hazelnuts, I like to make garlands out of their little jackets.

I am a big fan of squashes and this 
year I choose to grow
Petty pans, Kuri and bird house ornamental gourds.

We lost most of the ones in the garden to slugs, but Farmboy
has managed to get two beauties from his greenhouse at the farm.

Choomia has grown an Apple tree from seed.
It is about a year old now. She is very proud!

Our other two little apple trees produced many apples,
but we had to cull alot of them to put the trees energy into growing
rather than producing fruit as they are still only young.

Its been a lovely summer, even though the weather has been typically 'British'.
I doubt it will be long now before the fire is lite!
Its funny to read about my blogging friends in Australia talking about spring and shedding layers of clothes as I start sweeping leaves and putting on jumpers!
Hope you all have a lovely summer too!


  1. Hi Bonnie - you've got a lovely collection of peppers there - I love all those colours mixed in together! Did you know, if you have a collection of 5 apple trees it's classed as an orchard? I think this is right.

    Have a great day,

    Jane x

  2. What a great harvest....:) My vegie patch didn't go to well the soil very acidic. From the pine tree forest across the road from where I live and plus the soil beening very sandy too it needs more compost. I love those apples

  3. For some reason this post makes me want to sit by an open fire in a big wolly jumper and sip hot chocolate.

    Great pictures :)

  4. Thankyou all for your comments...

    Jane, Farmboy and I although married in out hearts are actually living in sin because we want to get married in our own orchard.
    I am going to buy another two trees!

    Anne, this is my first year of getting anything from the garden!
    I never mentioned all the garlic that died, or the french beans or the many sunflowers that were eaten by slugs, and the red currants that were eaten by blackbirds!
    I also killed several herbs, but I wont go on! lol

    Littlemisspip, I want my fire on now! Alas we need to clean and re-flue the chimney first :(
    I will post photos of the first fire when we do get it on!


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