Saturday, 23 October 2010

Vast Vases

I made another three vases on Thursday night.
I am quite please with them as they are bulbous and wafty.
That is a total of six now!
Here is a little video of my chunky arms doing some delicate clay wobbling, the video is from my phone, so its not great, but you'll get the idea:

and here are the end results:

I am fairly happy :)


  1. they look awsome - can't wait to see them glazed :) The video worked really well - great work Bonnie!

  2. Wowee! They are so elegant... and real statement pieces. BTW I love how visual your blog is, good job!

  3. Gorgeous pots Bonnie (you know my secret love of pottery), I'm so envious you throw pots! Great job, what colour will they be? ;) (by the way you can enter my Giveaway as many times as you wish!)

  4. Fantastic Bonnie!! Loving these shapes xx


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