Thursday, 26 August 2010

Artist Spotlight Kelly Lynn Daniels

Kelly Lynn Daniels is the owner of Dancing Clay Pottery in California and is currently completing a bachelor of Fine Arts in ceramics at the California state university.
She has been part of several group exhibitions within California and held her first solo exhibition earlier this year.

She explains her creative process below.

"I use clay to throw spherical parts on the wheel which I later assemble into biomorphic shapes. Some forms employ surface treatments such as slip trailing, sprigging and resist carving techniques to create unique patterned surfaces. Other forms become canvasses for an exploration of carved imagery and a juxtaposition of organic shapes contrasted with sharp geometric designs. These shapes and designs travel rhythmically over and around the voluminous forms inviting touch and an investigation of the surface. Many of these pieces are created while listening to or referencing musical works that I am interested in."

You can follow Kelly through her blog, or website.
You can also purchase Kelly's works from her Etsy Store.

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