Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Banner update

This post will be short and sweet, but I wanted to mention the banner is coming along nicely so far.

The lettering took some time, as I decided to use printed letters from the computer.
First I had to re-size all the lettering over three A3 sheets, then cut them all out before gluing them onto the back of an appliqued sheet, which I nearly ruined by forgetting to mirror the image!
Of course I had already stuck down the letters by this point, so had to carefully peel them all off before reapplying them the right(or wrong!)way.
Then I ran out of glue, so had to wait until today to get more! I also ran out of white sheeting, so can not actually finish sticking the pieces onto anything to be appliqued. What a drama!

Never mind, it means I have time tonight to make up a trial wallet before cutting out lots. I always find USA pattern to be a little too small for UK money so find it best to make up a sample before committing to my best fabric.
Happy stitching :)

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