Sunday, 15 August 2010

New Business cards

I am sorry, I feel so egotistical, but I sooo have to share the loveliness that is my new business cards!
Those clever folk over at have done me proud.
Moo offer a wide range of printing solutions at really reasonable prices, for example 50 Eco cards, one side printed with up to 100 different images of your choice, the other with your business info costs less than £15!
They also do stickers, postcards, minicards and greeting cards.
Perfect for crafters everywhere, they ship worldwide too!


  1. love the art work the rainbow defo catches the eye..... did you get your detail's on the back???
    ps sorry to hear about you 1/2 inch but seems to be a blessing in disguise??!?!?! xx

  2. Thanks Traci, it all went well in the end. Mistake make you a better seamstress don't they!

    I look back over my work from last year and cringe, but I also see where I have improved.

    I love the learning process, I just wish I could learn to save my best fabric for after I get the pattern just so!

  3. oh and yes, all my details are on the back, as well as a picture of the chick :)

  4. have you still got my address i want a card?!?!? do you do custom orders????? or swaps?!?!?!? i would love a purple wallet with space for a photo of the boys.... xx

  5. oooh, I would love to do that for you! Can you wait until after the show please?

  6. indeed i shall then we can sort out something xx


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