Thursday, 19 August 2010

Breath in...and relax

I have my first ever craft show on 11th September, which means I am furiously making stuff, like all the time.
Well, that's the theory!
The reality is that it's only three weeks into the six weeks summer holidays so my wonderful girls are at home with me all day.
This also means that all my friends children are off too and well, they are BORED!
Which all adds up to well meaning sabotage, all week!
Ho hum!
So now, I am up to my eyes in it!
Today I am making five different versions of Pink Chalk Studio's Mail sack

I am slowly moving in the right direction!
My single hole punch came today, so I can finish off my fat chick price tags:

And I finished my lapsnug too!

Maybe these little helpers have been sewing of a night?

Or maybe it's the peaceful moments that I take when I am in the garden?

The cyclamen has just burst though. It's so delicate, almost like origami.

And the sweetpeas are still going strong, as is the Lavender.
Maybe I just need to think like a flower and blooming get on with it!

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  1. you'll get there i have no doubt..... love your Japanese????? fabric can't tell from the pic but it's lovely linen??? woven????


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