Saturday, 21 August 2010

Creating desire

Since I first decided to sell the things I sew I have been working on creating a fluid image for my products.
I want my products to shine out to my potential customers and to have all the pomp and glamour a big business brand would have, yet I want to retain the approachability and originality that buying handmade goods brings to the public.

I think the key is:
a) Have a great product that is unique, desirable and appropriately priced
b) Have an image that stands out and is repeated in all area's of your business
c) Let your personality come through in your products!
d) Sell in the right places, with the right attitude

I am making a banner to go across the front of my stall which has my logo across it.

I really like my logo, It is bright, simple and cute, maybe a little girly, but it is representative of me.
I am going to applique the image onto a white background and then use eyelets and cord to attach it to the front of the stall.

 I have also taken the leap and had invoices made up with my logo,
and stickers to seal my products,
which will be wrapped in the funky zebra tissue paper you can see below!

And here's the inspiration behind my Fat Chick going over the rainbow:
(yes its fabric!)
Were not in Kansas anymore Toto!

Hope your having  good weekend wherever you are!


  1. Wow, its going to look fantastic! What kind of stuff do you sell on your stall? If I'm free I might drive out there to have a gander


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