Saturday, 4 September 2010

8 Things -Warning signs

Magpie Girl is the site of Rachelle Mee Chapman a lovely lass who offers support, wisdom, E lessons, general good advice, inspiration and love to creative souls.

*8Things is a list of things to make you think about doing, or not doing things that inspire, change, express, alter and improve your art, life and self awareness.
The current *8Things are warning signs.
Rachelle says:
"Today at *8Things I’m thinking about all the little clues I carry around that show me when I’m not standing in my own power. If any of these show up, it’s a sure sign that I need to stand a little stronger. I use them as a warning sign to help me clue in and change my approach."

The work of Banksy

You can read Rachelle's list by clicking HERE
Rachelle then asks us to look at our own warning signs and list them, share them and discuss them, so here goes:

1. Overeating. As soon as I become negatively emotional about something or someone I want to eat!
2. Coverting or impulsive spending. "I need all fabric", "I wish I had thought of that" = time to look deeper inside me, not my purse!
3. Feeling hard done by. If I feel no one is giving me a break its a sure sign I need to think positively.
4. Not speaking my mind. You never really save someones feelings but your own when you don't tell the truth.
5. Saying 'I dont care' or 'not now' to my family. My patience is thin when I have unresolved emotions or situations. It shows me I am too wrapped in my ego to be fully true to myself or the people I love.
6.Not answering my phone. If I feel underpowered in some way I avoid contact with the real world.
7. Not finishing tasks or projects. Oh self sabotage! How thee mock me!
8. Feeling guilty for no real reason. Its a sure sign I am not being true to myself somewhere!

Whenever I do experience any of the above I try to remove myself from the current (although probably unrelated situation) and spend some time in nature, in my garden, listening to the birds, or go for a walk in the woods near by.

It gives me the space I need to hear myself and find the answer to the problem. It's like meditating I guess.
What are you warning signs? How do you stop the wheels of doom in your head?

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PS-Credit is due to Traci from myhandmadehappiness for this find! If I ever need inspiring I know I can count on Traci for a boost, a great find, a smile or a giggle and regular comments, bless her!

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