Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ten hour days

I am still working flat out.
Haven't had a sit down meal with the family since last Thursday!
I have been on the PC all day, in the Workwomb most of the evening.
I even missed out on taking the girls to the village carnival on Saturday and I still have so much to do!
This is the bottom section of my to do list, which is two A4 sheets stuck together! Look no ticks anywhere!

It doesn't help that I keep running out of  thread. My tin looks like its overflowing, which it is really, but I never seem to have enough of the right colour at the moment.

The nearest shop that sells good thread (I mainly use Gutermann or Coats) is a 28 mile round trip, so takes at least an hour all in.
Anyway,  I bought more thread and a tray to put it all on. It's amazing how few I seem to have, even though I spent £24 on thread just today!

Still, I am loving all this work, if you can call it that, because its fun and a challenge.
It could be worse, I could be like this little guy Farm boy found in the garden trying to find somewhere to hibernate.
I found him a tiny pot of his own and popped him in to protect him a bit. Bless him!

Hope you have all had a good weekend :)


  1. ahhhh i know the thread thing i had to use yellow instead of orange in my crayon roll's today... all the channels done on 22 now on to interfacing!!!

  2. 22! I thought getting 3 bags made was impressive!
    You put me to shame! :)

  3. You do sound busy! Thanks for popping by & supporting my page, I'm off to give your 'status' solution a whirl...


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