Saturday, 25 September 2010

Especially for you...

This giveaway is now closed
Hello all,
I am going to give you a present, well three of you anyway.
Welcome to my first giveaway!

So, first up, a simple little recycled denim bag,
made by me, especially for this giveaway,
as modeled by my daughter Choomia:

Secondly a little pottery heart I made:

and last, but not least,
a little fabric tag I made for a recent pottery exhibition.

As with most of these giveaways there is, I hope a not too horrible catch!
1. Follow my blog!
2. Spread the word about this giveaway and blog via a post, tweet or Facebook link
2. Become a Facebook fan or/and join the mailing list
3. Comment on this post! (make sure you include your email if your not on blogger please)

That's it!
I will keep this giveaway open until 4.30pm GMT Friday 1st October.
(cos that's when the girls are home from school and I know I will be a.home, b.awake!)
I will get the girls to pick three numbers out of the bag if its below 50 comments, but if by some craziness its more than that, I will use one of those random number generator thingy's.
I will go in reverse, so third out wins the tag, second the heart and third the bag.
This giveaway is open to everyone, wherever you are!

Good luck and thank you :)



  1. Lovely giveaway!!!! Good luck to all!

  2. Such cute prizes <3

    I was already following you here but I've fan'd you on Facebook and posted a tweet about the giveaway too :)

  3. ohhhh love the bag! that looks brilliant. Good Luck everyone x

  4. What a fab giveaway! I'm following you now. Lovely things and your daughter is gorgeously pink :) (Mine is a tomboy and likes to dress like a boy!)
    Off to tweet your giveaway now :)
    Dottie x

  5. Awwww how sweet wot a lovely giveaway :o) xXx will retweet this for you x

  6. Congratulations on your first Giveaway - I found it nerve wracking to begin with. Although it built up momentum by the end! Good luck! Emma :) PS I'm already a follower!

  7. I love the bag, my daughter would too! This is my entry as a 'comment'. Emma :)

  8. Three's a charm! I've Tweeted your giveaway! Emma :)

  9. Lovely bag - cute pink sqirrel dress :) Will post to fb :)

  10. lovely giveaway, i really like the bag.
    i am now following and will tweet about it now. x


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