Monday, 20 September 2010

This is the news...BONG...BONG.. (etc)

Hello everyone, how are you on this Monday evening?
As you can see I've gone all pure and white.
I hope you like it.
I am trying to have continuity within my online presence, and seeing as I couldn't get the grass effect on Folksy or Twitter, or Facebook, I decided on plain old white.
Welcome also to my new follows. Hello! Whoop! Thank you for joining me, and thank you for your comments, I really do appreciate them. You rock!

Its been a busy few days over in my world.
I bought a couple of lovely new books I would like to tell you a bit about, because, well you might like them.
Firstly the rather brilliant Couture sewing techniques.
Its chock full of couture secrets and easy to follow instructions on how to achieve some of the skills employed by the world of couture.
I would tell you more but I haven't had a chance to read more than two chapters yet!

Secondly, the amazing Hideous Homes from the horrible 70's.

I read it in one night. I laughed so much it hurt. Its a classic. But...
I love so much of the decor its quite scary!
I do love the 70's. Its definitely has vast influence on my taste.
I don't think I've really expressed this in my work yet, but I will, oh yes I will!

Lets now go forward slightly to the 80's.
This is the decade in which farm boy's brother (who owned the house before us) decided to do this to the bedroom:

Ok so the mess, that ours, the fan, well the less said about that the better, but the basis of this horror was there before I was.
I really really dislike this room. 
I love our little house in general, its quirky, its old and its mostly all decorated.
Except this room and the bathroom.
Its what is known in the trade as a serenity stealer.
As such I avoid it, until I can stay awake no longer.
Anyway, I had enough this weekend and operation
'built in wardrobes must die' was taken to phase one:

We have smashed up those suckers! We are gonna burn those babies yeah!
Next phase: 'The ceiling fan must die!'

Meanwhile, on the other side of my world:

Hmmm :)
Stay tuned...


  1. I love Couture Sewing, it's one of the best sewing books I have ever bought. A friend of mine's sister is a TV Soap actress (formerly on Emmerdale) and asked me to make her a dress for a TV Awards Do. She had a design in mind and I had to make it from scratch. This book was just so helpful! I would definitely recommend it to all dressmakers! :)

  2. this book is on my wanted list love it!!!! I am intrigued whats going on in the womb tell me tell me!!! xoxo


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