Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Go with the flow

Today was the girls first day in first year and their first time in separate classrooms.
Don't they look cute!

Their day's both went well and it seems that separating them was a good plan after all.
However, I am not so sure that it has had the desired affect on me.
Maybe it was the early start after six weeks off, but I fluffed and stumbled around my sewing projects today.

I ran out of things, made the same mistakes over and over and finally I gave in and decided today was not a day to sew.
The womb had become a mess and so it seems was my creative flow, so instead for sewing I tided.

I hope that it will have the desired effect tomorrow and I will be back on form again, like when I made my last bag:

Keep your fingers crossed for me please!


  1. Remember Bonnie a messy studio is a studio at work xx

  2. P.S school huh!!!! the do look super cute in their uniforms x

  3. They do look cute!..and your studio looks great, all ready for a flood of inspiration & productivity to hit...or maybe just enjoy a bit of quiet time for now...

  4. Hi there, I love the fabric you've used for the 'LOVE' letters on the bag - it's great to be a new follower of your Blog!!

    Your girls look cute - my son just started school and it's all a bit new for him I think.

    Take care,
    Jane x


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