Thursday, 16 September 2010

White room

After the non starter craft fair I decided that the way forward was to take all my stuff to the white room in town and make my stuff look as gorgeous on film as it does in the flesh.
It turns out that the local white room is actually a fantasy shared amongst my friends and not an actual place.
Poo :(
In desperation I decided to make one out of a corner of the workwomb and two sheets.

I thought it worked out ok. Some of my pictures came out quite nice:

and others were not so great:

Its really hit and miss as to what looks good.

Maybe I am being over critical, but I think that some of my work looks a bit crap.
Please go and have a look at my Folksy Page and tell me what you think.

I think I need a tripod. I also think that maybe sheets are not the best thing to use.
Anyone else had any experience of self made white rooms?
Hints and tips gratefully received!

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  1. the white back ground pics look better than the others :o) xx well done!!


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