Friday, 17 September 2010


I made a dress today, well last night, but I finished it today, just now!
Its a simple dress, but I made it with Jersey.
I have never used it before, and I was kinda scared.
I have heard its horrible to work with.
Anyway, I loved it! It was nice to work with.
Maybe this was helped by a simple pattern, but I enjoyed myself.

The dress looked like this on the pattern:

and it looks like this on flo:

The best bit was that I got to use one of my toys, the pin it:

It is basically a little ruler on a stand with a metal clip that slides up or down,
depending on the length you want your hem.

You put your fabric in between the two pieces of metal and pin.

I love it! Its amazing!
Its maybe not as quick as a chalk marker, but I love retro gadgets.

Also, BIG NEWS for me! One of my pieces of work has been featured on Rowen Tree design's Folksy Friday!
Whoop for me and kisses for them.
How very showbiz!
Have a great weekend everyone


  1. go you a feature huh!!! well chuffed for you.... love the dress whats the pattern??? xx

  2. it is a simplicity pattern, from the separates range, looks very uninspiring on the cover with a hideous jacket and pants, but the dress is cool teamed with a black tight t, leggings and boots.
    I wonder sometimes if they are trying to put folk off with the fabrics they use on their mock up's :)

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from the US. Love the dress! Have a great week.


  4. Wow the dress is so stylish!!!


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