Thursday, 14 October 2010

Artist Spotlight Bulldog Pottery

Bulldog Pottery is Samantha Henneke and Bruce Gholson
I love their work so much.
I wish it was easier to send because there are so many of their pieces I would like.
Samantha and Bruce's unique work is continuously sought after and as such they have a large CV of exibitions and craft Fairs.
You would think that turning out work of this standard would make them a bit (justifiably) unreachable, but they are lovely and so laid back about their talents.
They say:
"We are full time studio potters living in Montgomery County. We live among 70 other studio potteries. Most all of these potteries are open to the public during the week."
See what I mean? no trumpet blowing at all, but then with works like this, there is no need to say more:

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  1. These are delicious images. Love their work! Thanks for commenting on my senior seminar proposal. I saved your comments so I could reference them while I work on the project:)


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