Wednesday, 13 October 2010


I love sushi, but I am a novice when it comes to making it, like totally.
I keep threatening to make some and never getting round to it, but today is that day!

Armed with what I perceive to be the basic's I dived in, using these instructions
The results are less than perfect, but they taste good and Kaya had fun making them with me.

Toasted Sesame seeds

Peppers from our garden

Tuna mixed with oyster sauce and ginger

The sushi rice laid out ready to roll

Kaya ready to roll!

Here she goes, check the concentration!


They look ok for the first time ever I think!

well, maybe not all of them :)

I am not sure farmboy and Choomia agreed though!



  1. ACE! They look fab - sounds and looks like a really good dinner too :)

  2. Oh Man, I love sushi! Homemade must give you a 'jolly good gob full' rather than the professionally made stuff! "Sushi, Sushi yummy yummy sushi, Sushi Sushi Eat it up yum!" ;)

  3. yummmoooo!!
    love sushi..

    i've made it a couple of times a decade or so back.. you've inspired me to get that rolly mat out again... if i still have it that is..


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