Monday, 18 October 2010

Artist Spotlight Merlin Glass

I spotted the gorgeous work of Liam Carey on his blog on UK Handmade.
Liam Carey is a master glassmaker from Cornwall who makes stunning blown glass works of art like these:

Where it all began...
At the age of 16 Liam went to work at Liskeard Glass, in Cornwall, England where he soon fell in love with the craft and art of glassmaking.

At 21 he took the opportunity to buy the glassworks and renamed it Merlin Glass.
Liam made vases, bowls, scent bottles, vessels, flowers and was watched by 1000`s of visitors from near and far, truly mesmerized by the noise, heat and smell as Liam created beautiful works of art.

In 1994 Liam made a prototype for Laura Ashley which was the start of his relationship with glass knobs.
Liam has gone onto make 1000`s of glass knobs.

Becoming a recognised master glassmaker, designing and making beautiful collections.
As a designer Liam is influenced by beauty, form and function.
Living in Cornwall it is surrounded by stunning coastline and rugged moorland. It is these forms that have stimulated Liams ideas and feelings.

Many of his pieces reflect nature, flowers, seeds, pebbles and sky patterns.
Each piece is very personal, encapsulated with Liam`s creativity.
Liam has observed the colours in nature and the space between them.
He likes making small, free formed pieces with subtle colours and simple patterns.

His other passion is in architecture and observing design, structure, materials and art.
He is particularly interested in doors and locks which has influenced his designs for glass knobs.
Making handles which are used and admired by everyday people, bringing light and beauty to the world of interiors.

I have been chatting with Liam's wife Carol about his work and she told me that the love hearts are Liam's favourites.
She said ' we have one of these on our front door, and it is our way of welcoming visitors into our loving home!' (I really like that they are called love handles! So much prettier than mine!)

'Millefiori is also another favourite, millefiori meaning a thousand flowers, these beads are from murano and are just exquisite.'

'The clear smooth door knob is a real classic and most popular.
People also like the colours of the amber and peridot green whirls and daisy.
It is not only about the glass but also the shape as some of the shapes and indeed the textures, particularly a frosted feel adds to the experience.'

'When visitors come to our shop in Liskeard, Cornwall they love to feel them and hold them, they are very sensual.
Customers which buy Liam's work want them because they appreciate their quality, the fact that they have been handmade for them, they are made to the highest standards where they are swaged on, not just glued on so the metal work is rolled over the glass guaranteeing them.
We send them all over the world and the variety of homes they go into varies greatly from period homes, to farm houses, coastal villas, heritage buildings, contemporary homes etc.'
More information and contacts for Liam can be found using the links below.
Merlin Glass
Liam Carey

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