Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stocking Swap

When I first started up this blog one of the things I did was join up to Selina's Vintage Stocking Swap.
(Thank you Traci for pointing me to Selina's blog! xx)

Basically everyone who signs up makes a Christmas stocking and then we swap it with another blogger.
Cool idea huh? I think so.

My partner was Mon Petit Poppet, a fabulous designer of beautiful girls clothing and dolls from Australia.
Her work, and her blog has a lovely Parisian twist, I love the way she puts all her post titles into French.

I wanted to make her a stocking that I thought represented me as a UK sewer, but also satisfied her love of all things French.
I have a secret. I will share it with you.
Come closer so I can whisper in you ear - I'm not a fan of Christmas fabric!

I am still a fan of Christmas though, as I didn't want to move away from the theme too much, just tweak it a little!
I went with a basic elf boot pattern and arched it a bit more to make it more lady like.
I used some lovely Clark and Clark fabric which I added a trim of feathers and topped it with a toe bell.

I couldn't post about it before my lovely swap partner received it but now that she had, and loved it as much as I did, I can share it with you!

I would like to thank Selina for all her hard work getting it together, making it work and continuously inspiring us along the way and good luck and well done to all the other bloggers taking part.



  1. Oh Bonnie! It's so beautiful! You have really done a fabulous job, thank you so much for being such a champion swapper!


  2. Thanks Selina,
    I am so blushing now :)

  3. Goodness that is one gorgeous stocking !


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