Sunday, 3 October 2010

Blackberry Fair

Yesterday saw the second Blackberry Fair and what a corker it was.
Blackberry fair is one of the best local markets dedicated to promoting creatives and producers of beautiful and tasty local goods.
There was a vast and diverse array of stalls and fabulous free entertainment all day.
Whitchurch is one of the four market towns found in North Shropshire.

I spoke to many stall holders and they all commented on the lovely athmosphere and the sense of community surrounding the event.
It was lovely to see the promotion of fairtrade throughout the event, reminding us that community is important to everyone in the global village the world has become.
Whitchurch is aiming to be a fairtrade town, how cool is that!

I didn't know this at the time, but the Blackberry fair is run completely by volunteers.
I have a sneaking suspicion though that this is what made the event so wonderful and community centered.
A massive well done is due to all the crew behind this event, not to mention a good few litres of wine!

I am sorry I didn't get round to every stall and have a chat, and I am sorry for the details I have missed, for more information please contact the blackberry fair and see if they can help.

Here are some pictures of the day.

Green Man

This guy was amazing, but I didn't get his details!

Locally collected wild mushroom
and foray advice was on offer

Windsors Cheese

Windsors cheese

These guys were great, its a community allotment and orchard association,
but I never got their details, so sorry!

I don't know why, but its lush!

so true!

Some decor from one of the many workshops

Really sorry, I never got the name of this artist,
but I think you can find out more at
Made in Shrophire

Kaya the witch!

Rural Crafts by Tessa Chapman
Choomia the butterfly


  1. Wowser! How much fun does that look? Those meringues look to die for, was your purse particularly light after your visit? ;)

  2. Don't they just Emma!
    All my money went on the girls, I wanted to buy lots of stuff and when I came back to pick up farmboy everyone had gone! Gutted! They are local though, so I could track them down!

  3. What a feast for my eyes, it all looks so good. And it sounds like you had a fab time.


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