Saturday, 2 October 2010

This term I am mostly making vases

The new pottery term started last week. Its always a relief to get back to throwing some clay.
We break over the summer and I really missed it.
Last term ended with our pottery groups first exhibition, Gone to Pot. The exhibition went down really well within the community and my Castle and Pumpkin were very well received.

As I have mentioned before I am a bit in love with the seventies and in particular the ceramics of the era.

My plan this term is to make vases.
I want bulbous, funky, drizzly sort of vases, the sort of thing you used to see honesty seeds and pampas in.

Mmm seventies :) 
Anyway, it takes a far bit of work to get a cylinder right on a potters wheel, especically a high cylinder like I am wanting to make.

It is also a bit of a skill to make a straight cylinder go wafty in a controlled manner, which is part of my plan.
To the untrained eye, these pots may look like mistakes, but they are not - mostly! lol
The following photos are my progress in the last two weeks.

Week one...

So, you know, ok, the one on the right, that's my first in 8 weeks.
Its a little off at the top, but the one on the left, that's planned.

 The one on the right in this photo is my third go.
You can see its taller and the waft is more controlled

Week Two...

You can see things are getting better.
The height is there, and the waft is becoming bulbous
and is also controlled.

And now, for the best!
OMG she is proper lush! I love her.
I can't stop looking at her!I can't believe I made her.
She is so seventies!
I will call her Margo :)

Next week: Slipping


  1. Fantastic loving your clay work mrs really am ;)

  2. Ooo, looking forward to seeing your groovy 70's stylie makes!! Jane x

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I am glad you are enjoying my work. I am having lots of fun this semester. It looks like you are too!

  4. With each post you reveal new amazing talents! This vase is gorgeous. And so is your coat, and the chair you refinished! Wow, you are a powerhouse!


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