Sunday, 10 October 2010

Born Free

Or at least with an urge to wear a Safari suit.
To me a Safari suit is all about the 70's, just ask Yves Saint Laurent who created this sexy number:

and then there is this hot set by Rag and Bone

and now, coming soon by Simplicity and Fat Chick  Design

The cat's meow!

mmmm 70's :)


  1. Ooh La La! Anyone for a huntin' an' a shootin'? ;)

  2. love the buttons totally with you on them love em love em!!

  3. Thanks for noticing the Etsy Treasury I was in and thanks for your wonderful comments. Love the Born Free look up there.

  4. Hi, Thanks for your comment on my post about Cicadas. If you google Australian Cicadas images there a whole heap of links and pictures.

    I love Cicadas they are harmless big docile bugs.
    That why kids love to collect them. You pick them off the bush or tree trunk.
    The male have a high pitch call and on a hot Summer evening can be deafing. They like the hot weather. I love the Green Grocers they have a beautiful shade of green. The small cicada are not as docile hard to catch and have realy high pitch call.

    The one we found the other day is called a Mask Devil.

  5. Anne I Looked at them, they are freaking me out!
    I can see the beauty in them, the green grocer is lovely, but the exoskeleton is just horrible!
    Its official. I am a wuss!


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