Sunday, 31 October 2010

The end is nigh!

In fact the end is here!
Today is the last day of Blogtoberfest 2010.
I have managed to post everyday, but it was not as easy as I thought!
It's a bit like when I did stand up comedy (yes its true) and you have to write a 5 minute set, you think its easy, but 5 minutes is a long time on stage to be funny.
Blogtoberfest was a bit like that, I thought it would be easy, but it wasn't!

Wordcloud by Wordle

This wordcloud contains all the comment codes I entered during blogtoberfest, I did try to make that sentence stand out within the cloud, which sort of worked! There are 263 in total!

The thing that kept me going was all the other blogs taking part.
I have found so many great blogs, I featured a few and I would have liked to feature more, but I didn't get replies from all the blogs I asked to introduce, and as I won't post without approve I am afraid we all missed out.
But wait! The list of blogtoberfest bloggers is still up over at Tinniegirl and you can visit them at your leisure, and if you happen to be one of those blogs that I wrote to to introduce, just contact me and I will honour that request!
Oh and Tinniegirl - Doh! I thought I was following and I wasn't , so now I am!

I am also happily embarrassed to tell you that Missy Mao Mao has written a post practically all about me and my blog!
This is a total honour.
Missy Mao Mao (AKA Marilyn) is an excellent artist designer from Australia.
She makes the most wonderful bags too.
I am in awe of her work which you can drool over and buy here!
Marilyn has also started a new giveaway in which you can win one of her super cosmetic bags, so please do go and spend some time on her lovely blog :)

Thank you to everyone who has commented and followed my blog, I really do appreciate it, actually I love it!
Thanks also to all the amazing artists I have had the pleasure to featuring in artist spotlight.

I am going to try and  take a couple of days off blogging this week, try and wean myself off daily posting, which I have a feeling is going to be a little bit hard!
I have learnt so much this month , its been very enlightening!

I leave you with my super giveaway, which you can enter until midnight on 5th November.

Thank you all again & a very merry Halloween to you all!


  1. You deserve the award for the very best visitor and commenter during the entire month of Blogtoberfest.
    I'm very glad to have found your lovely blog!

  2. Hi, didn't win the threadless, but did ok got about 500 votes and 30 nice comments, but not quite enough for it to get printed and the £1000. Nevermind it was fun.


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