Wednesday, 3 November 2010

In the process

I have been working quite hard this week on a bag design and this has led to lots and lots if research into bag trends, which bascially means drooling over things I cannot afford, or wishing I had designed!

The bag I am working on is still very much in the design phase. I am playing with various types of structure and hardware to determine what works best.

Its all very exciting. For the first time I feel like a designer rather than a sewer, even though its not the first thing I have designed, this one feels different.

My research has unearth some wacky little bags, so I thought, as I can't yet show you my design, I would show you some other beauty's.
Most of these bags can be found here, at Handbags

I've only just noticed they are all leather!
They are so cute though!

In other news, one of my babies (Kaya) is poorly sick, she is crashed out on the sofa right now, so no school tomorrow, so I doubt I'll have much to post about, unless we are talking vomit, so if there is no posting, you know why!

Don't forget you still have until Midnight November 4th to join in my giveaway.

Take care!



  1. I just love that pear!
    I know what you mean about designing rather than sewing. I have a few design ideas I want to try out but for the moment can't spare the time for R&D as I'm too busy sewing up ones that I know already work.

  2. Loving these bags - especially the camper van and the teapot!!

    Looking forward to seeing your completed design!

    Jane x

  3. How great are they. I love the teapot.


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