Thursday, 21 October 2010

Feast your eyes

Do you remember my love of  70's fashion and interiors?
Well I've taken a slight nose dive into the realms of bad 70's this week.
I bought a couple of 'inspiration' books.
I think this is what happens when you combine amphetamines and nylon.
Some of this post is a bit 'ooh matron!' I hope I don't offend anyone.

It is exactly what it says on the tin, or the cover. Mail Order Fashion Disasters.

now available in all good £ shops, saucy Santa /elf suits

Last years finalists on Euro-vision.  Nil poi

Forget the 18ft of jolly green giant, look at the shoes! SHOES!

Barbara practices for her up coming bull fight, 
whilst Susan appears to have stood in something rather nasty

are you thinking what I'm thinking?

I know your eyes are probably only just adjusting to the scene's above and inside your begging me for mercy, but no! I will not stop yet!
I have more wonders, this time in the form of adverting.

If you want to check if that's an all over tan, click on the photo you dirty mare!

Pub cologne! He looks like he's drunk it!

Great now he wont notice I am pregnant!

These two I like, not the clothes, 
but the fact that this girls are doing it for themselves.
Go sisters! Yeah!

I have others to share but, you know the saying...
Always leave them wanting more!


  1. Thank you for cracking me up just before bed.

  2. Ooh Er Misses, Titty Ye Not! Thank you so much for sharing! I love the lime green outfit. It all takes me back to my childhood! LOL

  3. Brilliant, thank you, these pictures just put a big smile on my face.

  4. Thank you ladies! I am glad you approve!


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