Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Light tent Part one

Welcome all!
I have not been happy with the quality of my images since I opened my folksy shop and I really feel this is letting the quality of my work down.
I have fiddled about with my camera settings and in the end I have come to the conclusion
that it really is a case of poor lighting.

I don't think I have mentioned this before, but we live in a cave.
OK, so that's not totally true, but the lighting is just as crap!
We actually live in a little cottage with tiny windows and low ceilings.
This is ideal for chocolate boxes and twee calenders of rural Shropshire, but it is pants
for indoor photography.

After a little whingeing Farmboy let me buy a light tent kit and it arrived today!
It cost £101 GBP which I know you probably think is quite extravagant,
but blimey, what a kit you get for your money!

Here it is all boxed up,
and below the contents of the big box are revealed...
as more boxes!

These boxes contain:
3 x stands, lamp shades, energy saving daylight bulbs
Light tent
4 x backdrops
light reflector
I only set up one lamp for now, just to see what it was like. 

This is the room in 'normal' light in the evening...

...and this is the room with one daylight bulb.

Below is the tent taken in 'normal' light...

... and now using a flash in 'normal' light...

...finally no flash, 'normal light' with the daylight bulb on

This is obviously an apple, taken using the daylight bulb

As I said there are three bulbs with this kit,
so I reckon that the greyness will go as I add lights.
I am hoping for good results!

I will post more when I play with it properly, 
but if you want one, you can buy this kit here: Photoworld51
Please leave comments about your experiences with these tents!
Thank you!
Bonnie :)


  1. Bonnie, I sympathise! Add stone walls to the low ceilings, black beams and tiny windows and you have our cottage :) Just bought an artist's daylight lamp to work by and am very interested in how you get on with light tent! xx

  2. ooohhh looking forward to seeing how you get on xx

  3. Hey fat chick (that sounds wrong as a greeting LOL!) My extra pop up tent (which looks like yours) arrived today, I had already bought a mini studio set with tripod for camera, two table top daylight lamps etc.
    So far I have had no joy, and have managed to knock daylight lamp off table and now it doesn't work!!! I don't think I'm getting the angling of daylight lamps right? instructions in the kits would be helpful!!!
    anyway I'm watching to see how you do yours for tips..good luck


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