Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wibbily wobbily love

I have been going to pottery once a week for a couple of years now.
I always loved pottery when I was at school, although I don't have anything to show for it.

I never found a pottery I could go to for lessons until I moved to Wem.
I was so excited to meet Jenny Foord my tutor and get stuck in.

My first finished item was a coiled casserole dish which I made in one session. Can you tell!

I put so much  thought into it, look at all my detailing!

Then I moved onto mugs, thinking they would be easy, bah!
Bloody handles, nightmare!

These are my first and last mugs.
They are filled with coppers on my windowsill

I quickly moved onto bigger things, like jugs!
(or a gravy boat disasters - unusable)

This jug is actually ok if you turn it slightly to the right when you pour :)

Then I moved onto bowls, that's farmboy's bowl up there,
and this one is usually full of garlic or ginger

and this little one is usually full of fruit or eggs

And now, my first vase, which I actually love

This is when the seventies started to really form in my head
and so the dribble set was born!

and we use them everyday!

My pottery ego was sufficiently pumped by minor success by then
so I got a bit fancy and made some new shapes

and even made a bigger bowl for my dads 30th wedding anniversary!

That takes me up to last year, when I made the pumpkin and the castle, which took two whole terms, or twenty weeks!
Now I am back on the wheel making Vases and I am concentrating on glaze effects.
Have a look at my artist spotlight posts to see some real talent!

Or maybe you fancy getting bloggy with some of the many blogfesters taking part in blogtoberfest!

Or how about a blog hop like I found (and signed up for) over a noodlebubbles niceblog

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  1. You are so talented! I love the idea of being able to eat out of bowls and plates you made yourself! Lovely.


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