Sunday, 14 November 2010

Half Job

It will seem to most of you that I have disappeared recently.
Whilst I have not posted, I have still been keeping up with y'all, behind the scenes.
I think perhaps I have been suffering a little from blogtoberfest burn out, or if not burn out, clean out,
of anything useful I had to say!

I have been busy, all the time, but nothing is complete.
I have mostly been working on a new bag design which is complicated, structured and unlike anything else I have ever attempted before.
I cannot share this with you until February, for reasons I cannot reveal until February, but in February you will know all.

In the meantime, have a look at my sewing machines and my inspiration wall ( I don't know why, just to prove I am thinking & working)

I also started on a new dress, which as ever means I have to re-size and alter the pattern to fit my, shall we say curvaceous frame.

Couple of tips for you:

1. after you have cut out your pattern pieces Iron them, on a low heat, without the steam on.
2. hang them up on a trouser hanger with a note telling you about your pattern pieces.

I would tell you more, but I don't think that my way of altering patterns is the actual way of altering patterns, so I will show you my fabric choices instead:

Grey wool mix (only £3.50pm) and some lovely Crepe de chine for the lining

I have also been battling on with pottery, attempting to finish one job before moving onto another. There is nothing worse than having to spend a whole night glazing or slipping (cos its boring) so this term I am keeping on top of it.
This means not much to look at though, I did make another Margo Vase and another egg cup & plate.
The grey stuff is slipped (in white) and the wet brown stuff is the new efforts:

So that's it really, a whole bunch of half Jobs.
Oh one last thing, I have added a photo of me over on my about me page so you can put a face to the words. I guess it makes it more real!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!
PS - apologies for the crap photos, I have been using my phone camera :(


  1. you are feeling the burn too!!!! me too have to blog today!!! ps loving the pottery looking good xox


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