Thursday, 28 October 2010

Free range quilting

Which is a polite way of saying my first free motion quilting project is a shambles!
I joined in with Christina from A few Scraps when she started her Free Motion Quilt Along as I had inherited lots of quilting books from my mum who no longer quilts.

My mum is brilliant at so many things, and quilting is no exception.
I could have saved myself some shame if only I'd taken it in when she said " you can have these books, I don't have the patience anymore."

The point of the quilt along was to remove the fear so many of us have of free motion and quilting in general.
Christina's tutorials were broken down into easy to follow segments that made the whole process easy to understand, fully accessible and fear free.

You can see my practice run by clicking here : Shambles!

I hadn't played for a while as my machine was busy doing other things, but I managed to get a little session in this week and made a mini quilt? Maybe?
Its not the best, especially on the back, but it is definitely an improvement.
I even added some binding to the edges!
I made it with two fat quarter pieces and some wadding and to add interest I used some of that fancy YLI thread.

It has been hard to get a true colour match in photographs, but I've had a go, which seems to be the whole empathize on this piece!

The pattern is completely random, swirly, loopy non sense

I did try to add a few secret things, like this flower

and the word love

and I tried to sign and date it

It is now a much loved dolly blanket.

I probably shouldn't be, but I am a tiny bit proud!
I am not sure if I have the patience to ever produce something truly beautiful, but it is fun.
I don't think I will show my mum though!

If you wanted to have a go yourself, join in anytime here, you will find Christina very helpful if you have problems.

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