Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Thinking of Printing?

I, like Farnell and many more of you have been wanting to step into the world of home printing.
I would like to produce some fabric and so I have been looking at books to help me.
I am so pleased with my finds that I thought you might be interested to know what I have learnt.

The first book I bought is Printing by hand by Lena Corwin

This beautiful spiral bound book is a pleasure to read.
The instructions are easy to follow and the projects are inspiring.
Lena starts by covering equipment needs and the types of surfaces you can print on and with what medium.
There are then four other chapters covering stamping, stenciling and screen printing, which each chapter having future dedicated sections of stunning projects for you to hone your skills in each medium.
The other thing that makes this book great is that Lena has included all the patterns for each of the 18 projects found inside.
Printing by hand costs £7.50 from Amazon, worth every penny.

The second book I am recommending is Handmade Prints by Anne Desmet & Jim Anderson

This a very detailed book, which is pretty hard to find in the UK and covers every possible way you could print by hand, such as by effective, inexpensive printing blocks, glue printing & collagraphs and body printing!

They offer the reader cheap solutions fro making equipment at home, such as how to build your own screen printing press.
There is even a list of suppliers and a great glossary of terms, techniques & materials.
I can't recommend this book enough, and I know that it will be a constant guide as I begin my experiments in printing.

I have also added a collection of other printing books to look out for on the widget below, prehaps you have a book you would like to recommend? If so, add it to my comments.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these, I'd had some thoughts on having a go myself, but haven't taken it anywhere yet. I may look into getting into this one day soon!

    Jane x


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