Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sharpening Scissors

Or rather blunting scissors!
Yes indeed, I blunted my Fiskars this week by using the wrong sort of sharpener.
Obviously I didn't realise it was the wrong sort, seeing as the man I bought it from told me it would sharpen everything. He was wrong.
So I bought a Fiskars sharpener, like this one:

and  tried to Sharpen my scissors

but they were too far gone :(

so I looked up sharpening services and I found The Dude above.

Not only did he understand my need, but he said he could help and not only that he said he would give me a discount for phoning him!
He also recommended another person as he was unsure that he could get the perfect cut as dressmaking scissors and hairdressing scissors were so expensive and he couldn't guarantee as professional result as the other man.
I told him how blunt they were and what I had used and he said he could fix it enough for me to finish them on my fiskars sharpener,  or go to the other man.
What a dude.
So, we went to meet him on Sunday at Battlefield Farmers Market.
He put me right to the front of the queue, knew it was me (although he thought my name was bobbles!) and set about my scissors.

First he run them across this thing, a few times each blade
and then he ran them up and down the leather strap

and now they cut like a dream! I was so impressed!
They were so blunt they couldn't cut anything before and now they are better than new!
To top it all off he wouldn't let me pay him!
He said a reference was better than any money!
Dude! You can call me bobbles anytime!
If you are in the Shropshire area and you need sharp scissors, or any other knife or garden tool, Sharp knife is your man!
Thankyou Sharp knife, I can cut again!


  1. Would he consider driving to Jct 29 M25? ;)

  2. lol! Maybe! I have to go past there, or just before to go to my folks house in Romford :)

  3. Blunt scissors is is such a common problem - I had to buy new pinking shears because the old ones must have been over 30 years old, past redemption - but now I can pink to my heart's content without finger-ache!!

    And thank you for your lovely comment today.

    Evie x

  4. Can he help when you've accidentally glued the blades together with superglue?Found you via LBOC blog - laughed at you weetabix fear.

    Bobbles is a nice name - I've been called Bubble for a decade now...

    Also doing Blogtoberfest



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